Burisma Groups Provides Rural Schools with Latest Equipment


An average rural school today greatly surpasses schools of the past. Earlier, schools used to lack textbooks, so parents had to obtain them with their own funds. Desks and other furniture have not been replaced since mid 20th centuary.

Today, however, the situation is changing – and, in many ways, these schools are no different from city schools. Local benefactors ranging from private individuals to companies acting on their own or together with the village council invest in their development and play a significant part.

For instance, Burisma Group contributes into the development of infrastructure in the village of Karavan, Kharkiv region.  Earlier, the Group has already helped the village of Karavan with lighting. Apart from that, at the start of September the Group made a generous gift to the local school.

“We were asked to help a secondary school. We have been continuously providing assistance and getting what is required. Starting this year, the first-graders are going to study based on a new program, so they will be needing latest technologies”, noted the company representative Dmytro Fesenko.

“The new Ukrainian school” will focus on skills and abilities, rather than knowledge. The first-graders will be taught using latest techniques and equipment available. The First Ukrainian Petroleum Company, a part of Burisma Group, made it happen. The company purchased a Smart TV, and its representative Dmytro Fesenko gave it away on the first day of school. Teachers believe that this gift will aid the learning process:

“We are grateful for all the help we are getting and are happy to work together! Many associate TV with cartoons, however, it can be put to good use throughout the learning process. There are a great many documentaries and animation films that can be useful to pupils. We will be able to use the Smart TV at all classes”.

The school principal Oksana Poklonska is also excited about the gift. She is hoping that the cooperation between school and the company continues:

“We enjoyed working together a lot. We are grateful to the company for such a valuable gift. The learning process will surely improve for both teachers and pupils.”

Burisma Group is very concerned about the future of kids and wants the new generation to develop using latest technologies. Another good example is the assistance the company is providing for the village of Alekseevka in the Krasnokutskyi district of the Kharkiv region.

“Our company has contributed to the development of the Ukrainian school. From the bottom of our hearts and with best wishes from Burisma Group, we have presented the school with modern equipment, as well as school sets for the first-graders. We will continue to assist in the development of rural infrastructure”, says Hryhoryi Sushko, Chief Engineer at System Oil Engineering (part of Burisma Group).

Alyona Zhelnovach, the principal of Alekseevka school, says:

“Today, we received September 1 greetings from Burisma together with a great gift – modern tech equipment that our school requires. In view of the education reforms taking place today, each class has to be equipped with computer technology. We are very grateful to Burisma Group for their warm greetings and generous gifts”.

This year, Burisma Group extended its social project portfolio to include a project proving support for talented children. In summer, the Group became a patron of the 16th All-Ukrainian Charitable Children’s Festival “Black Sea Games-2018” in Skadovsk. As the Group supports the energy of the Ukrainian song, it founded and awarded a special prize to the authors of the best Ukrainian children’s song.

Support for children and young people is a significant part of the Group’s large-scale corporate social responsibility program. Burisma not only mends roads, schools, playgrounds, but places emphasis on providing assistance for children with special needs. Thanks to Burisma, several orphanages fully renovated their facilities.

We contacted Burisma Group asking for assistance. We have dreamed, but never hoped to gain such a friend in the face of the company. The Group helped us equip the water cure room, get an expensive hydro massage bath, which helps our children with special needs treat nervous and musculoskeletal system diseases. We also updated our “wheel minipark” with baby carriages, says Tetiana Lymar, Chief Medical Officer at the Kyiv City Child Care Center named after M.M. Horodetskyi.

In regions, the money from rent payments made by gas producers goes for refurbishment and modernization of educational institutions, which then contributes into inclusive development of young generation. Burisma Group remains committed to ensuring that Ukraine is not only equipped with its own gas, but also has new generations of talented Ukrainians.